Crewing and Manning Services

Who are we?

Commodities and assets worth billions of dollars are entrusted to seafarers each day to transport these across distant geographies and fuel the engine of global trade. As a crewing service, we see ourselves contributing to this giant enterprise better the lives of people


Fair Spirit Shipping Ltd.

Based in Constanta, Romania, we are a full service crewing and manning agency providing all grades of seafarers for cargo, offshore and passenger vessels, and advanced back office integration for shipping companies.

Telefon contact

+40 241 541 340


No matter how the global shipping industry has been performing of late, competition for best talent will always keep rising in the offshore sector. Fair Spirit Shipping embeds this vital intelligence into all its offshore crewing and manning



Efficiency, quality and integrity are the hallmark of all our crewing activities since inception. We believe in fair treatment of people and efficient placement, and offer our seafarers a non-discriminatory and competitive field for professional



Fair Spirit Shipping offers diversified maritime operations with a potential competitive advantage by providing offshoring and outsourcing capabilities that significantly reduce operational costs and risks, and bring in fresh energy and skills into their operations.


Corporate Ethics Policy

Fair Spirit Shipping people are expected to conform to a strict ethical code in their business and personal interactions with other individuals and organizations. Each director, officer and employee is expected to conduct his or her affairs with honesty and integrity, and is required to adhere to the highest ethical standards in carrying out his or her duties on behalf of the Company.

Company representatives are expected to be honest and ethical in dealing with each other, clients, vendors and third parties. All company personnel’s actions must be free from illegal transactions, discrimination, libel, slander or harassment. Each person must be accorded equal opportunities in compliance with the applicable law.